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A stinky history of toilets, written by Olivia Meikle & Katie Nelson ; illustrated by Ella Kasperowicz - hardcover

Authors Katie Nelson and Olivia Meikle have scoured the toilet bowls and sewers of the world to find out how humans have done their business throughout history. It's time to get to the bottom of toilets! Prepare to be revolted by: A fossilized Viking turd discovered by archaeologists. The Mongol catapult used to fling smelly poop at their enemies. The reason ancient Romans used pee to wash their clothes. Filled with poop facts and vomit-inducing stats, you will also learn how diseases like cholera spread through bad sanitation, why some of the earliest toilets had a tendency to explode, and how medieval kings and queens had special helpers to wipe their bums. Featuring hilarious illustrations by Ella Kasperowicz, it's a history book like no other! --, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
What do we do with all this poop? -- Pick your spot! -- Swimming in sewage -- Privies -- Viking middens & a historic poo -- Use it against your enemies -- Poop parties -- Cleaning up the mess -- The story of cholera -- Don't let it go to waste -- A royal flush -- Trap the smell -- A brief history of toilet paper -- Let's build sewers! -- Problems with pipes -- Building the best toilet -- Let's burn it -- Squat, sit, or stand? -- So good you can drink it -- Toilets today -- The future of poop
Literary Form
non fiction
"Flush with fun facts and disgusting discoveries" -- Cover
Physical Description
48 pages, color illustrations, 29 cm

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