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Train like a bodybuilder at home, Erin Stern - paperback

"Learn how to get strong and lean without ever setting foot in a gym again! Everyone who strength trains wants to get strong, lean, and ripped, but not everyone wants to go to a gym to do it-gyms are expensive, crowded, and dirty. In today's world, people are seeking a safer, simpler, more practical way to get fit and get strong, and also do it with the help of a proven expert. Erin Stern is an internationally respected bodybuilder with numerous awards to her name, including two Ms Figure Olympia titles and 14 IFBB titles. Her positive, inspiring approach to training will appeal to anyone- from beginners who are just looking for a simpler way to get fit, to seasoned weight trainers who want to stay strong even when they're not in the gym. Train Like a Bodybuilder at Home follows a simplified approach to strength training and requires minimal equipment, using bodyweight movements and minimal equipment to mimic many of the more complex exercises that often are done only in a gym. You don't need a gym membership to train like a bodybuilder!"
Table Of Contents
Introduction -- Programs -- Legs -- Back -- Chest -- Arms -- Shoulders -- Core -- Cardio
Literary Form
non fiction
Includes index
Physical Description
192 pages, colour illustrations, 24 cm

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