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I'll just be five more minutes, (and other tales from my ADHD brain), Emily Farris - trade paperback

"Despite being a published writer with a family, a gaggle of internet fans, and (most shockingly) a mortgage, Emily Farris could never get her sh*t together. To her, being bad at staying organized was just one of her many character flaws--that is, until she was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 35. Like many women and girls with undiagnosed ADHD, Emily spent her life internalizing criticisms about her lack of follow-through and carrying around a lot of shame as she tried to fit into a world designed for neurotypical brains. "I'll Just Be Five More Minutes" is a collection of honest, humorous, and sometimes heartbreaking personal essays about Emily's experiences as a woman with ADHD. Far more than simply classic ADHD stories about being too energetic at school or being called too scatterbrained, "I'll Just be Five More Minutes" is a portrait of modern American life in a neurodivergent brain. It's about complicated relationships with family and friends (including celebrity stalker). Feminism and a woman's right to control her own body. Sleeping too little and drinking too much. Starting a side hustle--and then starting another one (and another and another). Finding the love of your life and then fighting to keep him. And, of course, self-acceptance. These are the deeply relatable, possibly secondhand embarrassment-inducing, wide-ranging stories about not quite fitting into the world without understanding why--a feeling we can all relate to whether we're neurodivergent or not. An essay collection both entertaining and enlightening, "I'll Just Be Five More Minutes" is for people who have ADHD, for the people who know and love them, and for anyone looking for a good laugh as well as a good cry. But it's also more than that--it's a book on how to exist as a woman, a mom, and a person in this fast-paced, overwhelming world we (somewhat begrudgingly) call home"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Author's note -- Introduction -- How we got here: the diagnosis that saved my marriage -- Everything, all the time -- Undiagnosed -- Seventeen little stories -- A case of the Mondays -- Lipstick is the only makeup you can put on in public -- Why I never responded to your text -- Street drugs -- Did you try this first? -- A breakup story -- Self-assessment -- What not to say to someone with ADHD -- No, I will not shutup about my abortion -- Ten things I hate about fruit -- Misdiagnosed -- Bad friend -- Tramp stamp -- So much potential -- A tale of two summers -- The ADHD taxman cometh -- Re: new thread **OPEN THIS ONE** (ignore the last one!!) -- You dont' want to be in love, you want to be in love with a movie -- Things I've forgotten and things I don't think I'll ever forget -- Me, myself, and my never-ending postpartum anxiety -- A shed of one's own -- Color of the year -- Yes, I have a body -- A fairly comprehensive list of everyone I think is mad at mae, with notes -- I'll just be five more minutes -- The scenic route -- Appendix -- Notes -- Acknowledgments -- About the author
Literary Form
non fiction
First edition.
Physical Description
xxviii, 267 pages, 21 cm

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