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The blackhouse, a novel, Carole Johnstone - hardcover

"In 2019, Maggie visits a remote island in Scotland's Outer Hebrides to prove that a man was murdered there twenty-five years before. Maggie's motives are as dark as they are surprising. But she isn't prepared for the dangerous secrets and lies that are hiding at the heart of Kilmeray's isolated community. Or within herself. Robert Reid moved his family to Kilmeray in the early 1990s, driven both by hope and a terrible secret that he kept hidden for more than fifteen years. But the violent storms are returning to the islands, and what awaits him in Kilmeray can't be escaped a second time. Because some secrets should stay buried, and some mysteries are better left alone. Especially when the truth can cost you everything you thought you knew. Including your life"--, Provided by publisher
Literary Form
First Scribner edition.
Physical Description
322 pages, map, 24 cm

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