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I wouldn't do that if I were me, modern blunders and modest triumphs (but mostly blunders), Jason Gay - paperback

"Like the rest of us, Jason Gay never anticipated where we've found ourselves. Challenged by the pandemic, frightened by political and societal divisiveness, awash in a digital world that dramatically changes how we think and interact, and all wondering what kind of calamity could possibly happen next. With a series of topical and interconnected personal pieces, Gay does his best to have some fun with all of it, looking for the optimism and joy in the face of the mountain of discouragement. From taking on his children's schooling to how texting has changed his relationship with his wife to allowing his mom to kidnap his family's cat to reckoning with the impending death of a close friend-Gay runs the gamut of our collective social lives, and he approaches it all with humility, grace, and more than a few laughs"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Vroom -- Library, Museum, Or Zoo? -- "I Miss You Larry" -- Surrender Dad -- The Cat -- WFH -- Unpaid -- This Not New House -- Very Bad At Golf -- Things That Take Less Time Than An Average -- Little League Game (Player Pitch, Not Coach Pitch) -- Fish Story -- Red -- Peas And Taxes -- Congratulations, Graduates -- More Cat -- My Shortcomings -- Eff The Andersons -- A Letter To My Running Shoes One Hour -- Before I Leave On This Trip -- Adults On Their Birthdays -- Cave Man -- Yeller -- Sore Loser -- Menagerie -- Fighting While Flying -- Happy Anniversary -- Good Coach -- Interview With A Man Who Lost His Phone On The First Day Of Vacation -- Sitting Still -- Last Cat
Literary Form
non fiction
First edition.
Physical Description
viii, 199 pages, 23 cm

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